Monthly Mall Walking Meeting

Mall Walking meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM in Food Court in front of Subway. These are free to attend and each month will be a different health topic presented by Family Health West.

Coffee and light snacks will be provided. If you haven't signed up for the program to begin receiving e-mails and newsletter you can sign up via the website or in the mall office and receive a free reusable tote bag with pedometer and water bottle.


August's Newsletter - The Heat Is On

Every year it happens so fast!  We find ourselves in the heart of Summer, presenting a hot challenge for maintaining or starting an exercise routine.  Keep the following tips in mind to help you safely be active this time of year:

  • Be an early bird or night owl.  Adjust your workout schedule so you exercise during cooler parts of the day, especially for outdoor activities, to avoid overheating.  Nighttime is an option, but give yourself at least two hours between the end of your workout and your desired bedtime to avoid sleep disturbance.  Watch for signs of heat exhaustion: Cool moist skin with goosebumps when in the heat, heavy sweating, faintness, dizziness, fatigue, weak rapid pulse, muscle cramps, and low blood pressure.  If not treated, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke, a potentially life-threatening condition.  To treat: get to shade or a cooler environment ASAP, lie down and elevate legs, take off tight and excess clothing, apply cool towels to the skin, and drink fluids.  
  • You know, you know, you should be drinking water.  It’s more important to sip water throughout the day this time of year when the intense heat is combined with the dry climate.  If you are thirsty or your urine is dark yellow you are likely dehydrated.  Eat lots of in season fresh fruits and veggies for added water intake.  Monitor caffeine and alcohol intake as they can contribute to dehydration.   
  • You may not realize how much water you are losing through sweat.  If you are sweating a lot you should also be sure to include electrolytes, but watch out for high sugar content in beverages like Gatorade unless you are burning significant calories with your activity.  A lower calorie, low sugar option can be packets like Emergen-C or Trace Minerals.  Always check with your physician before adding or changing any supplementation.
  • Protect your head, eyes, lips, and skin:  Wear a warm weather hat, protective sunglasses, SPF chap stick, and SPF 30 or higher sunscreen for exposed skin at a minimum.  It is often recommended to apply sunscreen in your birthday suit as the sun's rays can penetrate clothing and swimsuits.  Additionally, you can purchase SPF protective clothing to further decrease your risk of sun damage.


551 Kokopelli Blvd Suite J Fruita 858-2502  

AGE: Adaptive Group Exercise - Strengthening for all abilities Mon, Wed, Fri @ 10 am  

Back to Health: Core strengthening, stretching, and relaxation Tues & Thur 7:30 am

Gentle Movement: Gentle range of movement, stretching, and relaxation ½ Hour Chair class Wed & Fri 11 am  

Melt: Gentle range of movement, stretching, and relaxation 50 min floor class  

Try a class for free!  No membership required. Drop-in punch passes are convenient to travel and come and go as you please!


As a reminder, the Mall Walker Meetings are taking a short break for the summer and will resume October 10th - so get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine with friends and family while you can! Of course the mall is always readily available for walking if you would like to coold down in-doors. We will be sure to send updated newsletters each month and meetings will resume in the fall!